Studies (1988 to 1991)

In 1991, I completed a BA in Film Studies at the University of Montreal where I studied various currents of film and its great directors.

Several production experiences introduced me to different roles, such as producer, director, screenwriter, director of photography, editor and of course sound designer and sound editor.

Assistant sound editor and sound editor (1991 to 1994)

These experiments led me to choose sound as my first filmmaking specialty. As an assistant sound editor, I assisted experienced supervising sound editors and editors in their work. I was brought to sound cataloging, sound recording, sound editing and sound design. As a sound editor, I worked on many films and tv series, learning sound design progressively.

Sound editor and sound recordist (1994 to 1996)

In 1994, I realised a three-month recording trip to the USA, in a Westfalia van. I acquired an MS Schoeps Microphones for this endeavour, which was the beginning of my sound effects library. I was concentrating on Nature sounds and ambiences. Recording is a good way to learn sound. Back in Montreal, I pursue my sound editing experience by playing an ever-increasing sound design role on films.

Supervising sound editor and sound recordist (1996-1999)

Ten years had now passed and it was with the films Matroni et Moi and 32 août sur terre and 2 seconds that I was truly able to act as a Sound Supervisor and Designer. I got to meet many talented filmmaking professionals and experienced sound collaborators around Modulations and Studios Marko.

Independent supervising sound editor and sound designer (1999-2005)

I founded SONOMAR in 2001 . This was my first full-time job! I gave myself an annual salary, acquired a Pro Tools HD system, hired few employees for each project, and rented a room at Studios Marko. I was involved in several TV series and a dozen films, among them C.R.A.Z.Y.

Supervising sound editor and sound designer (2005-2010)

In 2005, I joined Studios Marko as co-director of the Sound Department. It worked well for nearly 3 years, but ended abruptly when the company closed down in 2008 after 60 years of operation. I then joined Technicolor Creative Services as sound designer for The Young Victoria and nine other films.

Independent supervising sound editor, sound designer and sound collector (2010- )

Inspired by the rise of the sound design community on the Internet, the web site is created and  hosts my independent sound effects collections.  I continue sound design for film with the sound of Café de Flore and more recently Rebelle

Please visit my Films page in order to have a more complete lists of experiences.