Internet plays an important role in my creative, technical and learning process. It is also a great source of motivation, particularly when I discovered Sound Designer’s blogs and Independent SFX Libraries and their makers, few years ago. Since then, I improved my surfing skills by using RSS feeds to centralize information in an aggregator daily. Collecting, marking, saving and later following the flow of specialized news that come automatically in my computer without loosing any time searching. Every week, I discover new sites, blogs, SFX boutiques, opinions products, tutorials on a wide range of subjects… The content is accessible and contribute to my reflections and learning about sound. I would like to share a few of particular interest in this Web Echoes 1, an ongoing News Report that I instigate today, as a way to share content and help to grow collectively and individually! This one is more technically oriented towards Impulse Response, Pro Tools functions and workflow, conforming and sound metadata!

1. Brought by Designing Sounds last week, from the team at ArenaNet, they did a recording session in a never completed Nuclear Power Plant, recording tones and all sorts of incredible sounds. Wow! I am very impressed! This presentation video is instructive for our ears as an authentic document for future constructions. I look forward to see more. Impulse Response in progress…

2- This post from Ian Palmer’s Post-Production Sound Blog talks about working from home. It confirms a reality that will increase over time. Technology gives us solutions to work remotely and gain flexibility and efficiency. Ian is starting SFX collections as well, here is the link.

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