Web Echoes 2: Sound Design, technical challenge, … innovation

It is still very hard for me to conciliate sound design and web design at the same time. I finished to work on War Witch at the beginning of February, so I am writing a series of posts that will lead to new collections. Stay tuned! A lot of new ahead!

As an appetizer, here are my Web Echoes…

Steve Papagiannis, a supervising sound editor from the Los Angeles area, started Stavrosound blog about six months ago. So far, his articles are oriented towards dialog editing and it’s particularities like crackles or even more dreaming ideas like this.  Very cool!

One Stop Digital, Excellent technical resource for Pro Tools users, published this post that talks about programs that conform sound to picture.  More possibilities.

Another blog about Sound Design is azimutaudio.  He takes the time to review few SFX libraries.

This post from irrationalgames.com has an super article about gun recording.

Fixyourmix.com brings the subject of music mix but most of it can be applied for mixing sound to picture. I found exhaustive and rich the list of terms to describe a mix. I am using many of these terms when I describe a sound: part 7, part 8, part 9 part 10 part 11, part 12 part 13 part 14.

ProTools Prefs & Database Helper is now available for Pro Tools 10. This well known application is a creation of Jean-Charles Deshaies, from Montreal. ProToolerblog highly recommends it. This free program has become a must for anyone using PT that want to save many little bits of time.

I am always looking for the best recorder for the buck.  Here are recent comparison list of newest recorders and headphones.

To improve my organization skills, I read Paul Virostek.  He shares his pragmatic approach as a sound collector.

Have a look at these tips and tricks using Dropbox from Webdesigner.com. But this is before Google comes with his own service of free storage in the Cloud.  It already exists…

Le Chant du Signe, a site by Xavier Collet proposes a generous blog with French content about Sound Design. It also talks about music, recording and many technical resources. It widens my views.  Xavier also wrote a series of articles about Film Sound Design that starts with part 1. Part 3 talks about what sound design owes to Rock Music. part 4 brings the influence of La Nouvelle Vague on sound design.  These texts really inspire me, may they do the same to you.

Wouldn’t it be great to edit with a Spectogram instead of a traditional waveform? We could  just remove the bits and pieces that we don’t want, leaving the other elements in the same frequency range there.

Any desire to record high frequencies and Ultrasounds?

Do you wonder what is going to happen with Thunderbolt? When will there be a MacPro with Thunderbolt?

What about these Microphones, custom built in a 12 Gauge.

To end this Web Echoes and if you have the time of a film, one hour twenty minutes, I suggest to anybody to take the time to watch this video, it really explains the period of change we live in and  the consequences on the entire production chain.

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