This film’s obvious challenge with sound was the modified car race and and the 3-wheeler T-Rex.

For the car race, we spent two nights during shooting, with Jean-François Sauvé and Frédéric Laurier, with multiple recorders and microphones.  MS Microphone, binaurals, cardiod and omnis were among the microphones we used.   We recorded  all the cars separately during the lunch breaks.  Pass by, starts, arrivals, braking, screeches, squeals, grinds, corners, accelerations and revs were collected.

In contrast with the dynamic of the car sequences, we had a very smooth and gentle ambience track for the intimate scenes, barely hearing anything between dialogs in many places.

Mixing a car chase with a full-scale music is hard because you want to drive the audience with the music, but surprise them with sound FX.  Sometimes there is just no more room in the speaker.  You then have to tone other things down in order to hear what you want, to make room for the essentials.  Tough call!



Country: Canada
Production Company: Cirrus Communications
Year: 2007
Director: Alain Desrochers
Producer: Pierre Even
Music: FM Le Sieur
Supervising Sound editor: Martin Pinsonnault
Pierre-Jules Audet
Sound designer: Martin Pinsonnault
Sound effects editor: Louis Molinas
Anton Fishclin
Production sound mixer: Claude Hazanavicius
Dialog editor: Michelle Cloutier
Foley artist: Simon Meilleur
Foley recordist: Daniel Bisson
Adr Recordist: Daniel Bisson
Adr Supervisor: Jacques Plante
Re-recording mixer: Bernard Gariépy Strobl
Hans Laitres