Graveyard Alive: A Zombie Nurse in Love

To this date, this film is a special one for me.  Elza Kephart came to me with her self-financed horror zombie movie.  The film was shot with no sound, it was a great occasion to do everything from scratch and not having to deal with noisy original sound.  It was entirely revoiced.

One original sound concept for the entire movie was to keep the ADR roughly edited with no real dialog processing, such as reverb and EQ, so it really looks and sounds like a bad translation or dubbing, something I avoid normally.  It took a while to assume it though…  As a spectator, you always know you’re watching a movie.  I proposed a sound aesthetic that reflects the budgetary constraints of the production!

The hospital presented many sound design possibilities with rattles, rumbles, tones, buzz, and long reverbs.

It is a very good Zombie Movie!



Country: Canada
Production Company: Bastard Amber Productions
Year: 2003
Director: Elza Kephart
Producer: Elza Kephart, Patricia Gomez
Music: N.A.
Supervising Sound editor: Martin Pinsonnault
Sound designer: Martin Pinsonnault
Sound effects editor: Anton Fischlin
Production sound mixer: N.A.
Dialog editor: N.A.
Foley artist: Tchae Measroch
Foley recordist: N.A.
Adr Recordist: N.A.
Adr Supervisor: N.A.
Re-recording mixer: Martin Pinsonnault