The sound of speed with MPSFX_ENGINE01, a new sound collection that focuses on the striking acceleration of a motorcycle engine

I am very happy to finally introduce this sound collection, MPSFX_ENGINE01, made of a very particular vehicle: a three-wheeled motorcycle, the Campagna T-Rex 2006. These recordings are valuable as a construction kit for all sorts of vehicle related sound design, not just specifically for motorcycle sounds. They can easily be pitched or processed to fit all sorts of engine related sound design.

The star of this collection is a Kawasaki 1200 CC motor. The vehicle is a three weeler motorcycle built in Quebec from Campagna Motors named the T-Rex.

It has an incredible performance of 0-60 mph in 4.1 seconds! All the regular moves, such as pull away, pull up, and pass by at various speeds have been performed. We specifically focused on the sound of acceleration and deceleration with other kinds of movement that emphasize on the grinding and aggressive noises that this engine can produce. The driver surely knew how to pilot his vehicle!

There are two different package of the collection, one Lite version that contains the basic moves and one Max version that is more complete, and includes moves at faster speeds. The price is 35 $ for the Lite version and 50 $ for the Max version.

Please visit the collection page of MPSFX_ENGINE01 for more details about the recordings and access the SFX Store.

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