Bass Machine
600+ sounds

15GB of drones, tensions, tones, impacts, and metallic resonances, including hundreds of designed sounds and raw source recordings.

Price: $75.00
46 resonating crystal sounds

790MB of resonating crystal glasses, including a Champagne Flute, wine, Cognac, and Ricard glasses.

Price: $25.00
Quality :
The Sound of Speed
190+ T-REX engine sounds

2GB of break-neck acceleration. Multiple perspectives and movements, including acceleration, passbys, dopplers, onboards, and much much more.

Price: $50.00

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Web applications and cloud computing to facilitate organization, sharing, and exchanging files in remote post production

This article will address the topic of Web-based applications that can be efficient tools to organize and manage team work, particularly in audio and sound related environments, but also for remote postproduction in general.

Throughout the course of a production, there are many aspects that are not directly related to the job at hand. For example: organization, data management, task allocation, backups, scheduling, and the exchanging of files are all very important tasks that rarely receive the attention they deserve. In recent years I have incorporated several new ways to improve communication and data management between collaborators of a sound project, as there are many new resources out there aimed at boosting productivity and communication in remote work environments. Although these tools will never replace human contact, they do enhance the fluidity of the process and augment certain elements of collaboration in new and interesting ways….


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