Launch of my first sound collection! MPSFX_WATER01

direct link to the online boutique of the Collection MPSFX_WATER01

This collection of water sounds focuses on different water surface sounds and water actions, such as lapping, waves, streams, brooks and rivers in different states and conditions.  These are the most interesting sounds from my personal sound library in the category WATER.  This category would be good for adding more precision and textures in doing sound design for films, video games, television, theater, webtv or other sound requirements.

At first, I approach the sounds of watercourses.  Ditch, brook, stream, lake, river, cavern, sea, lapping, reef, wave are on the menu.  Sometimes, there are different perspectives of the same subject.

The sound of water varies greatly depending on the morphology of the site, the type of watercourse, its flow, the weather conditions, the seasons and the sound recording itself.  The key for me as a sound editor and sound designer is to maximize the possibilities.

The sounds were mostly recorded during various trips, first to the United States, in August 1994 when I traveled alone, microphone in hand, from East to West and North to South through a large part of U.S. territory, then in the Quebec rural and natural areas (boreal forest) of North America with its streams, lakes and rivers and also the St-Lawrence River and Gaspé Peninsula.

The second part of this collection deals with the interior sounds of water.  Basement, bathroom, neighbour, restroom, pipe flow, shower, faucet, drain, drip. Several spaces, round, sharp, close, far, reverberant, from soft to powerful, provide sound colors that brighten the sound of a scene to give it a personality, distinctiveness and a unique sound color.

I still obviously have a lot of sounds to record and trips to make to cover the potential need. I’m in a constant hunt for sound. This is the first Volume of the Collections.

Here is a preview of the collection WATER via my Soundcloud account:
DEMO MPSFX_WATER01 by martin pinsonnault

Click on the picture or the link bellow to go directly to the collection page:

The Metadata embedded in the wav file includes a clear definition of each sound, using a vocabulary of specific audio description, available in French and/or English for the moment. It is compatible with most DAW’s and Audio Software on the market. The Metadata has a huge potential for the treatment of any digital content file such as photos, videos and sounds. This cataloguing tool becomes very enriching for any type of sound editor, sound designer, audio artist or web designer. Definitions are more precise and exhaustive and searches can be more specific by combining words when searching. I also hope this site deepens the theme of Metadata in future years. I followed what many of you have written on the subject. I already have some ideas!

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Technical Specifications:

  • 1,6 Go of original sound effects in stereo
  • 93 minutes of water textures and variations
  • Ideal for sound editor, sound designer, audio artist or web designer
  • Complete and exhaustive Metadata
  • Compatible with most DAW’s and Audio Softwares
  • Recorded with a DAT at 48kHz/16 bits using line in and Schoeps MS microphones (MK4 & MK8)  coupled to the supply box VMS02IB
  • Adjusted, MS decoded and  mastered  in Pro Tools at 48kHz/24 bits
  • 40 TRACKS OF SOUND EFFECTS delivered  as a .wav file at 48kHz/24 bits

Coupled to the supply box VMS02IB, these microphones allows the use of the line-in input of the recorder, that helps with the usually noisy microphone preamps of these devices. It is only since 2006 that I record on digital format at 24 bits. I edited and mastered in Pro Tools at 24 bits. The final version is 24 bits.

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  • Alexandre
    13 years ago

    Bravo Martin pour ta nouvelle collection. Longue vie au Sound Collector que tu es!

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