Dedication to filmmakers
Sound design is my way of filmmaking.  I am fully committed to the Director, offering all of my experience and expertise, not only to achieve the desired sound track, but also, in a general mather, to support him through his filmmaking process and the overall success of the film .

Roots and Heritage
I am strongly devoted to the heritage of Quebec Cinema and its pioneers. From the birth of Cinema Direct in the 1960’s to the present day, I find inspiration in the accomplishments of my predecessors. I am proud to be part of it and hope that this website will help in its own way to promote Quebec Cinema.

Desire to learn and communicate
Share ideas, discuss, ponder, debate and grow are actions that inspire me.

Human experience
I love the human experience of doing a film together. I have made many good friends through my work.

Team work
Teamwork really challenges me creatively and personally. As a Supervising Sound Editor it is my responsibility to play a unifying role among the sound team and bring out the best in everyone.