The collection of train sounds is made of atmospheres, usually quite long, including grinding, rumbling, vibrating, steam hissing, Doppler, horns, passing, swishes, rhythmic beats, clanks and squeals.

Here is a preview via my SoundCloud account:

Key Elements:

  • An American steam train with many manoeuvres and a good driver!
  • A 24-hours Electrical train ride, in Eastern Europe that I did in 1996. Train movements, pass-by’s, Squeaks, Doppler, creaks, clatters, rattles and other are numerous, long takes!
  • Sounds in rail yards with locomotives, rail clatters, screeches, with roaring diesel engines and good train cars coupling
  • Many Train passing at different speeds and distance:  Diesel, TGV and Electric Trains with horns, bells, squeals and whistles!
  • Train Station engines and motors, different perspectives

Price: $40.00

This is a wordle, a cloud of words, with the metadata in the sounds:

Technical Specifications:

  • 2 Go of original stereo recording sounds
  • 113 minutes of train sound textures and variations
  • Ideal for sound editor, sound designer, audio artist or web designer
  • Complete and exhaustive Metadata
  • Compatible with most DAW’s and Audio Softwares
  • Recorded with a DAT at 48kHz/ 16 bits using line-in and  Schoeps MS microphones (MK4 & MK8)  coupled to the supply box VMS02IB
  • Adjusted, decoded and mastered  in Pro Tools at 48kHz/24 bits
  • 53 TRACKS OF SOUND EFFECTS delivered  as a .wav file at 48kHz/24 bits

For more information on this train sound effects collection, you can also read
this page.

Lists of all the sounds in the collection MPSFX_TRAINS01 with precise descriptions:

1 STEAM TRAIN AMERICAN 1907, departing from station, riding exterior, rhythmic chugging engine, accelerates from slow to quickly, impacts fast speed, close and powerful whistles 2:30:00
2 STEAM TRAIN AMERICAN 1907, departing from station, valve release, locomotive bell, whistle, rhythmic chug, acceleration away 0:49:00
3 STEAM TRAIN AMERICAN 1907, idles in station and starts, whistle announces departure, leaves station, locomotive bell, close engine pass, acceleration rhythmic chug engine, locomotive moves away, impacts of the joints between the railway tracks, slow vibration, rattle 1:18:00
4 STEAM TRAIN AMERICAN 1907, idles, some precise chugs at start, like a rev, locomotive pass by slow with bell close, constant steamed air release, big burst, hissy, air release, faint voices waiting station 1:33:00
5 STEAM TRAIN AMERICAN 1907, idles, steam valve releases steady, starts, whistles very close, announces departure bell locomotive, steam natural acceleration and rhythmic chug engine moves away and leaves, wagons, clanking of the wheels on track railway, distant locomotive slow away 1:13:00
6 STEAM TRAIN AMERICAN 1907, interior idle, passenger wagons, passenger voices, conductor call “all aboard” before departure, standby, wait, at stop, no train movement 2:06:00
7 STEAM TRAIN AMERICAN 1907, locomotive single idles, constant steam, starts from distance, rhythmic chugs, passes close with natural acceleration, metal screeches, squeaks and squeals passing strong to stop, good trio of whistles at distance, metal grindings and creaks 1:19:00
8 STEAM TRAIN AMERICAN 1907, manoeuvres, pass-by, slow, at the station, steam jets approach, clatter impacts of the tracks and bell close pass, steam release slow rhythmic chug, light voices on departure ramp 1:16:00
9 STEAM TRAIN AMERICAN 1907, pull up at station from far, voices, locomotive bell, multiple whistle different perspective, pass far to close, voices, light squeaks and squeals of brakes to stop, dilatation, steam release steady 2:04:00
10 STEAM TRAIN AMERICAN 1907, riding exterior and interior, regular soft interior creaks of the tracks, whistle, slow pace, soft metal grinding and creaks of the wagon, air release, chugs engine locomotive constant acceleration 1:53:00
11 STEAM TRAIN AMERICAN 1907, riding exterior medium fast, squeak and rolling of wheels on tracks then, clattering, dry impact on joints between tracks, , thin squeak, several whistles, constant speed 1:19:00
12 STEAM TRAIN AMERICAN 1907, riding interior clanking wheels on the track joints, metal close, rubbing, grinding, metal vibration, rattling of the wheels, several train whistles 1:51:00
13 STEAM TRAIN AMERICAN 1907, riding interior medium speed, rolling of wheels on tracks rhythmic chugging acceleration, rumbling metal, creaks impacts, vibrations and rattles and resonance of metal between wagons 1:22:00
14 STEAM TRAIN AMERICAN 1907, riding interior slow, passenger wagons between the wagons, squeaks, creaks and metal rattle, vibrations, slow, creaking, interior resonance, few whistles and speed acceleration at the end 1:46:00
15 STEAM TRAIN AMERICAN 1907, riding slowly and arrive at the station, interior rolling slow, gentle clankings of wheels and tracks grinding slow metal brake squeals to stop, expansion, dilatation, voices, whistle, steam jets, constant air release 1:34:00
16 TRAIN DIESEL FREIGHT ARRIVE, PASS, HORN, afar, rushing in, passes grinding and roaring revving diesel motor engine long train, at distance, very large and ambient, squeals, clanks and rattles, metal track railway, rhythmic impacts, omnious and large horn in echo away 4:29:00
17 TRAIN DIESEL FREIGHT CROSSING AWAY HORNS away, interior of a barn, engine rumble, room tone 1:33:00
18 TRAIN DIESEL FREIGHT CROSSING AWAY HORNS, rumble engine at distance, locomotive 3 horns with slight echo off, passes and leaves, North American birds 5:15:00
19 TRAIN DIESEL FREIGHT CROSSING AWAY, rhythmic beat clanking of the expansion joints between the track railway, engine roar, wagons pass then move away, long tail, light insects North American Summer 0:59:00
20 TRAIN DIESEL FREIGHT CROSSING BELL close, horn away and close, rhythmic, movement, locomotive passing fast, intense, metal vibration, rumble wagon regular rolling, rapid and constant clanking of wheels on the track railway, goes away far, calm down 2:01:00
21 TRAIN DIESEL FREIGHT CROSSING BELL close, other bell on locomotive, multiple horns passing gently, Doppler, rumble engine pass, impacts on the expansion joints between the track railway, leaves, end of crossing bell, calming down empty at tail wagon end 2:03:00
22 TRAIN DIESEL FREIGHT HORN passes medium speed, long and slow horn Doppler, track squeaks, clanking and rolling of the wheels, metal scrubs, grinds impact and squeals, whistling wind, roaring engine at tail 1:09:00
23 TRAIN DIESEL FREIGHT PASS slow medium with many wagons, squeaks, squeals, metal rattle vibration, pops the track railway joints, rolling of the wheels, rhythms, smooth, clanking, impacts of wheels on the track railway and go away 2:06:00
24 TRAIN DIESEL FREIGHT RUMBLE passes, with diesel engine tone, horns, constant rolling of the wheels in distance, away 1:16:00
25 TRAIN DIESEL LOCOMOTIVE engine passes away, distant rumble of the wagons leaving, horns, birds North American Spring 1:35:00
26 TRAIN DIESEL LOCOMOTIVE YARD idles in distance, revving engine, different throttles, accelerates and slows down to stop, squeak metal, passing, airplane and general city rumble, crickets calm 4:22:00
27 TRAIN DIESEL LOCOMOTIVE YARD rumble engine acceleration and revving passes close metal grinding, shaking, rattling and rolling of wheels on tracks steady pace, deep impacts of wagons coupling and connecting, passing close with metal creaks, clanks and rattles to stop, other coupling and dilatation, large and fat resonate large 4:43:00
28 TRAIN DIESEL LOCOMOTIVE YARD TRAINS COUPLING, revving engine, different throttles, accelerates and slows down to stop, squeak metal, passing, deep wide low metal impact coupling and connecting, airplane pass, grinding, close brake squeals and squeaks of the wheels on the tracks to stop revolutions and acceleration of the locomotive, close wheels rolling, different maneuvers, expansion, airplane and general city rumble, crickets calm 4:50:00
29 TRAIN DIESEL LOCOMOTIVE YARD, locomotive pass low rumble engine, acceleration, industrial rhythmic industrial, beep reverse, squeals, away calm 2:19:00
30 TRAIN DIESEL LOCOMOTIVE, muffled rumble passing close, beep back, squeals engine room, creaks metal thin, industrial roar 1:40:00
31 TRAIN DIESEL YARD LOCOMOTIVE MANOEUVRES, revs and grinds of fat engine, rumbling motor horn, metal, grinding wheels very sharp, screeching, several textures, braking, slows down to stop, industry machinery, plant, truck engine, singing, steam, metal squeals 2:41:00
32 TRAIN DIESEL YARD LOCOMOTIVE passes wagons long, slow squeaks, vibrations and rattles, few distinct metal impacts, coupling connections of the wagons, locomotive low engine acceleration, cicada, large and calm suburban area 3:40:00
33 TRAIN DIESEL YARD WAGONS pass by wagons, rumble low constant, metal grinding, Doppler motion, squeals, low impacts of the wheels rolling on the expansion joints between the track railway, vibration, rattle, rhythmic, distant squeak 4:26:00
34 TRAIN ELECTRIC COMMUTER pass by medium speed, whistling, metal creaking pass with impact tracks, Doppler, squeals and whistling while passing 0:43:00
35 TRAIN ELECTRIC COMMUTER rumble arrives passing over crossing and bumps, impacts of tracks, close creaking metal squeals and high frequency whistling end of passing Doppler, electric cables ring tone end, city rumble 0:53:00
36 TRAIN ELECTRIC EUROPE ONBOARD between wagons, microphone is pointing outside under the train, bright constant rolling of the wheels on the the track railway slowing down speed, impact passing, clanking, more intense pace, acceleration, fast speed train, metal squeaks, squeals, interior acoustic between wagons, electric cables constant hissy friction 2:53:00
37 TRAIN ELECTRIC EUROPE ONBOARD between wagons, microphone is pointing outside under the train, riding fast then slowing, rolling of the wheels on the track railway and light impact passing, more intense pace, metal, acceleration, fast speed train, squeaking, very different sound passing from outside, 2:43:00
38 TRAIN ELECTRIC EUROPE ONBOARD exterior riding arrive at station microphone outside the window, brake squeals to stop, slow rumble other train passing low metal squeaks and squeals, rumble leaving , onboard train departs and rides passing, riding constant speed, rolling of the wheels on the track railway, bright clanks and impacts 3:21:00
39 TRAIN ELECTRIC EUROPE ONBOARD, microphone outside the window, metal squeaks, rolling, rumbling and passing, washy reverberating speaker public announcements PA in station, various metal squeals, brakes and stops, constant whistling, another train passing roar, impacts tracks slow 4:50:00
40 TRAIN ELECTRIC EUROPE ONBOARD, riding, interior of cabin, muffled, slow, creaking wood, carpet and metal furniture, soft, gentle squeaks, small interior acoustic 3:39:00
41 TRAIN ELECTRIC EUROPE TGV passes by and promptly moves away to fast speed, rolling of wheels on track railway, doppler, wind whistling away calm 0:11:00
42 TRAIN ELECTRIC EUROPE TGV passes by high speed, a few wagons, leaves, rolling of wheels on the track railway, electric cables clash after Doppler pass, wind whistling, impact tracks, outdoor voices at station 0:22:00
43 TRAIN ELECTRIC EUROPE TGV passes by high speed, several wagons, leaves, rolling of wheels on the track railway, electric cables clash and ping while and after passing Doppler, wind whistling, impacts tracks, outdoor voices station 0:15:00
44 TRAIN METRO EUROPE PARIS exterior, pass-by Doppler slow, squeals of metal strong, singing, city traffic 0:20:00
45 TRAIN METRO EUROPE PARIS exterior, passes slow, at distance, squeals, squeaks, screeches, soft metal distant, Doppler away, city traffic 0:34:00
46 TRAIN METRO IDLE, exterior, various intensities of steam jets, engine idling, roaring diesel engine, multiple compressed valve air releases, general and large space, industrial machinery 3:47:00
47 TRAIN STATION EUROPE ELECTRIC exterior, ramp, slow arrival to stop, some clear passenger voices 0:34:00
48 TRAIN STATION EUROPE ELECTRIC TGV, exterior, impact tracks, steam release, slow departure of the train, turbine away, voices, electric cables rattling 0:44:00
49 TRAIN STATION EUROPE ELECTRIC TGV, exterior, ramp, stop and slow arrival, brake to stop, slow, voices passengers 0:34:00
50 TRAIN STATION EUROPE ELECTRIC, exterior, ramp, departing, acceleration, expansion joint impacts, good dynamic go away 0:43:00
51 TRAIN STATION EUROPE PARIS GARE DU NORD TGV idling train squeak + air hiss, voices, speaker public announcer PA echo, various steam releases, compressed air burst, metal grinding, turbine vibration stop and start TGV, general and large 3:40:00
52 TRAIN STATION EUROPE PRAGUE, horns luggage electric carts, slow TGV arrives in station and passes very slow close track rumble squeaks wagons, cracks and squeals of metal wheels, large brake squeals to stop, voices of passengers, heels, other trains manoeuvres, grinding of wheels on rails other train arrival or departure, woman comes running to catch the train, Public announcer PA in distance 3:51:00
53 TRAIN STATION EUROPE PRAGUE, large space with general engine rumble, train whistles, various steams, horns, engines ventilation, public announcer PA in speakers, reverberant and echo, train passing, low metal squeaks, calm and constant 4:00:00

P.S. I will address the railway station sounds and crowds in future collections.

Price: $40.00

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